An African Savannah Adventure.

Today I have been reflecting upon the time I spent with Bern Ballet working on Cathy Marston’s choreography ‘Lions, Tigers & Women’, which premiered in Bern, Switzerland this past April in Bern’s Opera House.

If you have been following MODance for a while, you may of read my posts about the creation process, seen my video interviews with the choreographer and composer, and enjoyed some photo’s taken by myself of the company rehearsing. All of this content can be found, by following the ‘Von Wattenwyl’ image located on the right hand side of the website.

Also featured, was a rare collection of black and white photographs from the 1923-4 expedition to Africa Vivienne Von Wattenwyl and her father Bernard took, this epic journey being the basis for the choreographic creation for Bern Ballet. Today I have been thinking about this journey we all went on, and marvelling at the pictures, all of which have until now, not been freely available to see.

So, today, for your very own viewing pleasure, it gives me great delight to take you back to 1924, to the African savannah and the height and wonder of the black and white camera. Enjoy.


Tour Kicks Off

Last Friday the Bern Ballet 2012 Tour kicked off!

We all met at work to get the ironically named “Lions Coach” (the show is called lions, tigers and women!) – the tour bus. From Bern we headed off on the motorway past speculator landscape towards our first destination, Zurich. Travelling is something I always love doing, and going on a big expedition with all my friends and colleagues was extra special, the start of a great experience I’m sure.

The Lions Coach Gets Loaded Up

The Lions Coach Gets Loaded Up

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The Pamela Mendez Band In Session

A special treat for you all this thursday evening, the latest video interview from me with The Pamela Mendez Band and a beautiful acoustic for piano & guitar to enjoy. The band are playing for Cathy Marston’s latest creation ‘Hunting Me’ which premiered last night and will be touring from friday. Hope you enjoy it as much as i did recording it!

A Big Week Ahead

After a nice relaxing weekend, my batteries are charged and ready for the week ahead.

Said week consists of: two late days rehearsing in the theatre, a new video interview with the pamela mendez band who will also be playing a special acoustic track for the video, the big premiere on wednesday, a day of respite on thursday, a performance in zurich on friday and luzern on saturday, and finally – the final operetta performance on sunday evening!

Quite a week i’m in for i think. But i wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s what i love doing and what keeps me happy – being in and around dance in as many ways as possible. Continue reading

The Cathy Marston Interview

Ladies & Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to share with you my latest interview – with Bern Ballet Director & Choreographer Cathy Marston who speaks about her new creation ‘Hunting Me’, who inspires her and what she looks for in a dancer. Bellow is also a link to Cathy’s website, be sure to check that out. Until the next time, Enjoy!

The Andrea Miller Interview

Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to share with you my most recent interview, with Andrea Miller – New York choreographer and director of Gallim Dance who is working with us here at Bern Ballet on her new creation ‘Forplay’ for the company. Bellow is also a link to the official website of the company, be sure to check that one out too! In the video she speaks about the new creation, who inspires her and what she looks for in a dancer, enjoy!

Into The Theatre We Go

This week the company have been moving between Vidmarhallen, our rehearsal studios in the city, and the Stadtteater – Bern’s very own Opera House where our next programme, ‘Lions, Tigers & Women’ will be premiering.

There has been lighting rehearsals, a vital part of putting any show together and as slow and laborious as it can seem at times for the dancers going from point A to B and back again, it is extremely important we spend the time to get it right now. The dancer’s in Andrea Miller’s piece ‘Forplay’ have tried their costumes on, quite a bright surprise awaits the audience on premiere night is all I’m saying!

Yesterday the band that are playing for Cathy’s creation – The Pamela Mendez Band – joined us on stage, the base player was missing as he’s away on tour with another band so I stepped in as I’m covering for that piece – I had great fun spending the morning being a rock star as these photographs show:

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