About Me

Hi, welcome to my website and thanks for visiting.

I’m Matthew; all the articles you read and see on here are my own personal views and do not reflect those of my employer. I aim to share insights from my work and the evolving diplomatic, economic and cultural landscape globally that will inform; challenge, make you curious, perhaps even laugh – it’s all here to read.

I am an Executive level professional with a strong track record operating at a strategic level both project managing and supporting successful engagement programmes, events and strategies on national and international platforms.

A proudly patriotic man, I take pride in my Scottish roots and am well grounded by them. I am very much a family man and always make the time for the close friends and family in my life, no matter what kind of distance or barriers may come between us.

Hopefully you can gain something from this website, and I can gain from the feedback, observations and reflections you will hopefully leave behind you.

I hope you enjoy what you read, and once again, thanks for visiting Matthew O’Hare Dance.

Matthew O'Hare


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