Putting It All Together

Last week saw New York choreographer Andrea Miller join us at Bern Ballet and after a short afternoon with her it was straight into the new creation the following day, stay posted for my video interview with her about the piece with exclusive sneak peeks at the choreography!

Towards the end of the week Andrea and her assistant Fran departed to Germany where their company, Gallim Dance, are performing so it was straight back into Cathy’s creation for the company.

In the few days we had we spent a lot of time getting our brain in a fix with all sort’s of counts, four 8’s, one 8,4,9 … 10,4,8 … 7,4,8 … If anyone reading this has read or indeed danced New York choreographer Merce Cunnigham’s work’s it can’t be far off that – our brains where fried!

You need to keep this crazy internal clock going without letting accent’s in the music, choreography, or what’s going on around you disrupt the pattern otherwise you are totally lost, an scout without a map, a sailer without his compass!

In addition to the count’s going on, the dancer’s now have a nice big portable stage to navigate whilst dancing. It it about 4 metre’s in length and width and square shape and will host Pamela Mendez and her band, weighing in at a mighty 800kg. This stage is manipulated, pulled and pushed across the stage by the dancer’s throughout the piece, no easy feat by any means – it requires the whole company to give it a good shunt to get it going.

The lead singer from the band, Pamela, has been incorporated into the choreography and without giving too much away, has a few moments interacting with the dancers.

The piece is almost finished now and last week we ran the piece, just a few thing’s to be sharpened up and completed now. For the next two week’s the company are working with Andrea and then it’s into the Opera House for lighting/spacing etc before the premiere on 18th April. In the coming week’s keep posted for the video I mentioned about Andrea Miller’s piece, a video with Cathy speaking about her latest creation, more photo’s of the company at work and further stories about the great expedition the Von Wattenwyl’s went on in Africa!

As you may or may not know, there has been a hugh collaboration going on for this piece between us the dancers, the musicians, lots of people from the theatre, the fantastic Caspar – head of social media at the theatre, the natural history museum amongst others and of course inspiration came from the Novel, ‘Out In The Blue’,  Vivienne herself wrote. Here’s some great pictures I wanted to share with you, first – a picture of the girls from the company with some of the lions, second – the poster for the upcoming show’s featuring the face of Marion Zurbach! and third but not last, Vivienne and her father Bernard out on the hunt.

Until the next time, it’s good-bye from me and thank’s for reading.

Source: google.ch via Caspar on Pinterest

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