An African Savannah Adventure.

Today I have been reflecting upon the time I spent with Bern Ballet working on Cathy Marston’s choreography ‘Lions, Tigers & Women’, which premiered in Bern, Switzerland this past April in Bern’s Opera House.

If you have been following MODance for a while, you may of read my posts about the creation process, seen my video interviews with the choreographer and composer, and enjoyed some photo’s taken by myself of the company rehearsing. All of this content can be found, by following the ‘Von Wattenwyl’ image located on the right hand side of the website.

Also featured, was a rare collection of black and white photographs from the 1923-4 expedition to Africa Vivienne Von Wattenwyl and her father Bernard took, this epic journey being the basis for the choreographic creation for Bern Ballet. Today I have been thinking about this journey we all went on, and marvelling at the pictures, all of which have until now, not been freely available to see.

So, today, for your very own viewing pleasure, it gives me great delight to take you back to 1924, to the African savannah and the height and wonder of the black and white camera. Enjoy.

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