A Big Week Ahead

After a nice relaxing weekend, my batteries are charged and ready for the week ahead.

Said week consists of: two late days rehearsing in the theatre, a new video interview with the pamela mendez band who will also be playing a special acoustic track for the video, the big premiere on wednesday, a day of respite on thursday, a performance in zurich on friday and luzern on saturday, and finally – the final operetta performance on sunday evening!

Quite a week i’m in for i think. But i wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s what i love doing and what keeps me happy – being in and around dance in as many ways as possible.

Last friday evening there was a special event at the natural history museum here in Bern, they have also been closely collaborating with the theatre on Cathy’s creation ‘Hunting Me’ all about the life and adventure’s of Vivienne Von Wattenwyl and her father Bernard who you may of read about in my previous blogs. There was a talk from a spokesman from the museum and Cathy who spoke about the creation process and the girl’s from the company performed some of the new work alongside Pamela who played a beautiful acoustic of the last section of the piece that one of the dancers, Izumi, performs in the show. It was a great success and some lovely canopies and champagne followed to get the weekend kick started!

Saturday saw another opera performance, always great fun & really well received by the audience. Today i cooked for the family this evening, a nice three course slap up meal – mozzarella,pine nut & sweetcorn salad for starters, a potato carrot & onion soufflé for mains and strawberries yoghurt & swiss chocolate for desert – a great success!

The Steps Dance Festival is now underway and it is as part of this festival that the company will be performing across Switzerland in locations including St. Gallen, Zurich and Chiasso. I’ll do my best to keep you all updated on that adventure.

Until the next time, a happy sunday evening to you all & it’s good bye from me until the next time.

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