Winter Sun

Making the most of a day off work, I donned my welly-boots, stuck on my gloves and headed out to the countryside for a nice long afternoon walk.

There’s really quite nothing like it, the fresh air, smell of burning wood from the few farm houses dotted around the rolling fields, and happy walkers out with their dogs. Quite a nice break from the usual hectic city life which one can so easily get dragged into a repetitive loop of.

With christmas on the horizon, and work picking up, it came at quite a nice time for me to recharge the batteries and catch up on things – an important thing to do every now and then.

The past few week’s I’ve been continuing on with my work for The Knightswood Graduates Trust, and immersing myself in my new full-time job. My gran yesterday celebrated her 78th birthday so I went around with some chocolates for a ‘wee gab’ after work.

Movember is going well, we’ve all been raising money at work for it and my moustache is coming along well, all raising an awareness of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

I’ll leave you with a collage of pictures from my walk today – all taken on my iPhone and edited using diptic and instagram, I really ought to make more use of that Nikon SLR I bought!!

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