The problem of £1,000,000.00

Far to often in life that old phrase “I’ve got no money” is used.

It’s form and definition changes; “I’m really skint just now”, “I wish I was a millionaire”, as does its context – everyone always has enough for a beer if they drink, a packet of cigarettes if they smoke, and well, a coffee if you fit neither of those bills.

For so many of us, we ‘simpletons’ in life, the ones of us that go through our whole lives simply ogling at that rare few that break the precedent and for whatever reason, fame, talent, inheritance or sheer luck – come into some serious money, we can only stand by and watch, read and day-dream about such dizzying heights.

Now let’s be honest, it’s something we all think about, further more – spend a good chunk of our mundane old days dreaming about, what exactly would we spend it on? Who we would spoil first? What car would we get?

Now here’s an idea. What if you were given £1,000,000.00 and had 24 hours to spend it in? I came up with a list to make sure I could do just that, should the situation ever befall myself.

1. Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish (due for release early 2013) – £185,000.00

2. Rolls Royce Ghost (new 2013 edition). – £180,00.00

3. Mercedes Benz G Class G55 (2013 edition) – £80,000.00

4. 37′ Yacht, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379  – £140,00.00

5. Penthouse, Glasgow city centre – £175,00

6. Seaside retreat, Scottish seaside – £140,000 (rough estimate including furniture and out-doors equipment).

7. Breitling Navitimer Watch- £5,000.00

8. Band & Olufson home cinema – £30,000

9. Three cases of Armand de Brignac champagne – £2,000

10. Private jet … for the weekend – £5,000 (return Euro trip)

11. £5,000 cash to blow in a nightclub

12. £5,500 cash for a shopping spree in Ralph Lauren

13. £5,500 cash for a shopping spree in Louis Vuitton

14. Saville row tailor-made suit – £1,500.

15. One round the world trip for myself & a small group of friends/family – £25,000 (America, Australia, Thailand, and The Maldives amongst others).

16. Sauna, Steam room, Swimming pool and Jacuzzi at seaside retreat – £10,000.

17. Kick ass bar supply for the year’s partying – £5,500.

Ans that’s how to spend One Million pounds in 24 hours!

Now, of course, where such a good stroke of luck to befall me at some convenient time in the future, it would be pretty tight to order, buy and book all these thing’s in 24 hours and no doubt there is a few things one would want to change or prioritize – perhaps investing a bigger chunk so the money actually lasts, insurance on all those super-cars, watches and homes wouldn’t come cheap!

For now, it’s back to reality and day dreaming, I hope you’ve enjoyed coming on this dream trip with me!

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