Crack, Ooh, Aah.

This week with all the crazy long days and stressful tiring rehearsals we’ve been having i’ve managed to pick up a really sore neck. It’s been all horrible and blocked up restricting how much i can articulate my neck, making me hesitate with how much i throw myself into the work in case of hurting it further and i’ve been walking around with a scarf on it all day to keep it warm. it ain’t been fun one bit in the run up to a premiere.

Thank goodness then we have a physiotherapist who i managed to get an appointment with yesterday afternoon in my break before the evening’s dress rehearsal.

All credit to this guy, Harold, the man know’s his stuff. he clicked my neck, what a horrible sound that makes! i also had a deep tissue massage and heat pack on the effected area for ten minutes which was incredible and just what i needed.

It was snowing pretty much all day yesterday, a bit of rain in the afternoon, but plenty of snow sticking about, here’s the view at the entrance to my house with one of the dogs playing in the snow.

Home Sweet Home

The Dog Stands Guard


I took a nice walk to get some fresh air and clear my head from the morning’s stress before going over to a friends for some tea & biscuits to chill out which was lovely and just what i needed. Below is my house, pretty typically swiss in design and particularly beautiful with all the snow falling around.

My Crib In Yesterday's Snow

My Crib In Yesterday's Snow

Before the evening dress rehearsal i was doing my own warm up getting ready and it was absolutely incredible the difference in the rotation, freedom and flexibility my neck had gained since the afternoon’s treatment. i really was amazed how much managed to fall into place after only one session with the therapist.

On with stage make-up and costume it was and we had a good run, i was happy (is a dancer ever allowed to be happy with what they’ve done? YES!). It turned into another late night, around 10.30 when we got away as we had to stick around for lighting corrections which we’ve also been working on this morning.

Tonight we have our last full rehearsal of the show with costume, lighting etc, the general preview, tomorrow evening it’s a opera i’m dancing in, then boom bang pow premiere time! Finally, here’s a nice snap I took of the Valentine’s roses on the kitchen table. until the next time, chow, cheerio, catch ye!



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