21 at last!

This weekend saw the premier of a new triple bill with bern ballet and my 21st birthday celebrations!

It was a fun filled weekend and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

The premier was so good, it was such a good feeling dancing in a new space and the audience where really supportive clapping and clapping at the end, lots of bows! all the hard work from everyone paid of. Special thank’s to Charlie Broom, Denis Puzanov and Cathy Marston for all their hard work with the choreographers bringing together such a great show.

We had a nice after party that went on into the early hours and we danced the night which was great fun.

Waking up the next morning slightly bleary eyed i was 21 years old!

I had afternoon tea at my house and more or less the whole company made it to join in the festivities and to share all the nice cakes, tea and coffee that was much needed.

I got an amazing HD Video Camera from my mum, money from my dad for a new swiss watch to keep as a memory of my time here,  cinema tickets from the family I stay with, a nice bottle of Talisker Whiskey and lots of british food from Jack Widdowson who was staying here for the weekend, a bottle of champagne from my dear friend Gary, a bottle of Sake and beautiful red roses from Izumi and her partner, a nice flower from Georgia, a cool t-shirt Maria designed for me, a funny card and deep fried mars bars from Irene and her partner, a nice bottle of Sicilian wine from Steph, and a box of chocolates from the costume ladies at the theatre as well as lots of other nice cards and small gifts, fair to say i did well and truly appreciate everything!

It was so nice having all my friends around me signing happy birthday and just being there, i felt very humbled to get all these lovely gifts and to be able to share this happy day with such a great group of friends.

After that it was off to the theatre for a quick performance in a opera and then pop went the champagne!

I was joined by no less than 25 people in a nice mexican restaurant where we all had a great meal with plenty of drinks and banter.

We moved to a friends house where we had some more champagne and after that called it a night as i was far to tired to spend another night out partying on the town!

It’s been a interesting 21 years so far, lots of experiences, lessons and memories, who knows where the next 21 years will lead me and what i will experience in that time.

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