Final Preparations

This is the last week of intensive rehearsals, lighting and technical runs for the premiere of ‘V:Dance Everywhere’ this saturday!

It’s been quite a long week already and i’m sure everyone will be happy when we’re through this week and into performances, it’s always the run up to a premiere thats the most stressful for dancers, injuries & people cracking up with the pressure abound as always. Such is the joy of being a dancer, you know what they say though ‘The Show Must Go On’!

I saw a funny picture this week that’s been doing the rounds on facebook & had to share with you all to convey my pain!

Now you’re most definitely feeling sorry for me, on with my story i go.

Friday see’s another performance of the opera, ‘Orpheus’, i’m dancing in and saturdays another big day. We have a gaga technique class with choreographer and former batsheva dancer Noa Zuk in the morning and any last minute rehearsals, emergency lighting etc that has to be done before a break in the afternoon to rest.

My good friend Jack Widdowson, who I’m sure if you’ve been following this blog or reading the news will of heard of, is coming on saturday to stay with me for the weekend which is great news. we’re all very much looking forward to seeing him again at the company he has been greatly missed.

The evening see’s the triple bill get it’s big debut & with all the last minute tweaks and these long hard days of rehearsals i hope it get’s a good reception from the audience, there’s a lot that’s been put into it & we’re all looking forward to giving our all.

There will of course be a big party after the show, hopefully not to late a night as the next day is my 21st birthday!

I’m having afternoon tea at my house for all the company on the sunday which I’m very much looking forward to, there’s another opera in the evening but thankfully one of the boys is covering for me so out with the champers! We’re all going for a meal in a nice mexican restauraunt and then dancing the night away in a cuban bar here in Bern. We’ve had a few mondays off with rehearsals running all weekend and we keep finding ourselves in this cuban place, it’s great you feel like you’re in Cuba and we always get a good old boogie!

Anyway until the next time, it’s good bye from me!

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