SOCA Are Killing The Music Industry

I was saddened to read this morning at breakfast that SOCA, the UK Government’s Serious Organised Crime Agency, has taken down yet another music file sharing website, this time

There is a message warning user’s they could face penalties and up to 10 years in jail for using such platforms (has anyone ever been prosecuted under this legislation i wonder?).

To me they are shooting the music industry right in the arm. Let me explain.

Eminem once famously said pirated music never hurt an artist. And he’s right. Millions of people, myself included have at one point downloaded a song or album for free from the internet. His point and it’s a pretty valid one in this arguement is that the more people are exposed and hearing different music the more coverage and exposure artists are getting.

I can’t count the amount of artists i’ve discovered online, downloaded a song or watched a video on youtube and really got into them, subsequently going to see them in concert, buy their new single of music video from iTunes or pre order their latest album from HMV.

Without being able to listen to these songs for free why would i bother exploring something new i’ve never heard of?

It’s absolutely stupid and the music industry really are beyond daft for not getting more on board and seeing this obvious fact, piracy never hurt an artist. quite the contrary.

Besides, it’s not all about the money is it?

Oprah Winfrey recently said on twitter if you can do it for free, you really love what you do. Surely by having a industry recognised website where you can download a few tracks for free legally from every artist in the business this would solve all these problems and there would be a massive platform for new up and coming artists to get discovered on.

Food and beverage companies go into a supermarket with samples of their food or drinks, and when have you ever walked into asda and had to pay to sample the latest tropicana flavour at the sample desk?

Artists ought to do the same, get together with all their labels and create one big universal sharing network to promote their work, it can only be a good thing.

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