The End Of A Chapter

Last night saw the final performance of ‘A Winternight’s Dream’ in Bern’s Opera House.

It was a great evening and a very receptive audience which was nice. It was the end of two month’s of performances and three months prior of creation and rehearsals so it’s been a long haul! It’s been incredible dancing in such a great theatre which always has a great buzz around it.

Dancing to a live orchestra has been amazing, we also had our classical turntablist Martin Baumgartner doing his thing, a child’s choir and a lady’s choir all helping to bring together the show.

There was a nice reception afterwards with bubbly and everyone was in good spirits.

Looking ahead, we are now straight into rehearsals preparing for our next premiere, ‘V:Dance Everywhere’ on 18th February. It is an evening tripple bill with two new creations from former company dancer and choreographer Erick Guillard, a beautiful piece from Israeli choreographer Nao Zuk with whom i am doing a video interview later in the week about the piece, and a rivival of a strong and powerful mens duet from Finnish choreographer Jyrki Karttunen whom you may already of seen my interview with as well as the one i did with Erick.

So it’s the close of my first chapter here with Bern Ballet and onto the next exciting one!

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