It’s Snowing In Bern

The powerful Siberian Wind that has been effecting much of Europe as far as the UK is well and truly making it’s appearance know here in Switzerland.

Towards the end of the weekend the snow came back again with a terrible cold chilly wind that bites deep at your skin as you walk outside. It’s well and truly time to put the trusty bike, which i so rely upon here in Bern, in the bike shed for the season and it’s busses and trams for the next month or two while the snow and ice takes over our lives.

I think i’m going to have to make the most of my travel pass and do some exploring this weekend.

Everyday when i finish work i come out to a beautiful view of a small mountain, The Gurten, with it’s forrest, ski slope and summit restaurant overlooking the surrounding areas it really is quite a sight just now powdered in winter snow.

Perhaps time to break out the old Nikon SLR and take a few snaps around the city in the nature that surrounds us here.

My iPhone tells me its going to be minus 5/6 during the day for the coming week and dropping to minus 13/14 at night! Far too cold for my evening runs i’ve been going on 4 or 5 times a week with my friend and colleague Frank.

I had an Xbox night with the guys, Modern Warfare of course, and as i was walking back the snow that was coming down looked incredible. It was just drifting down to earth, exactly how it looks in a snow globe. It’s been like that for the best part of the day and it really is quite a sight to see with the incredible scenery we have around us here. Another month or so of snow and that’s it for me, then please mother nature bring me some sunshine! I’m dying to put my shorts, ray ban’s and haviana’s on again!

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