Over Rated Champagne

I’m getting beyond fed up with how rediculously expensive champagne is getting these days.

I’m a big fan of the bubbly stuff, have tried it all, from Moet to Dom P and Cristal, and like to have it every now and then to celebrate the beauty of life and occasions with friends.

However, Armand De Brignac have taken it too far. Ace of Spades as they may be known to those that aren’t familiar with it’s real name and may of heard it mentioned in a rap song, is now selling for £300 for ONE bottle, and £455 for a bottle of the Rose Champagne they do. This is just absolutely rediculous.

I’ve tried them all from the most expensive to the cheapest, and from experience you can get a good champagne that tastes just as good if not better than a pricey one for £40-60. There seems to be this big culture that has sprung up with people having serious ego problems that they have to blow sh*t loads of money on expensive champagne in clubs, and for what? to show you’re the richest? you’ve got money to burn? you’re cool? newsflash, stop what you’re doing, no one seriously cares and you could do so much more construtive things with that money.

And i don’t even mean giving to charity or donating to a good cause, thats fine if you want to do that, but invest in yourself, your future, you’ll have kids one day and they too will want to go to college, drive a car and so on … Everyone like’s to party, and sure some people can argue that drinking, smoking, gambling etc – all bad habits but something most people dabble in now and then -are just as much a waste of money, this new level of stupidity in the drinks world has gone a step to far.

So anyway, my rant is it’s just very sad that people have let commercialisation and branding get to them so bad they are essentially ruining themselves and society around them, please get a grip and get it sorted! Here’s a video i made on the subject …

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