Amazing Grace

So today was great fun, we started to put up the christmas decorations in the house. I had the Michael Buble album playing (which is great btw!) and I’ve been feeling very festive all day, perhaps the early sherry before dinner with the men had something to do with that!

One of my friends from the company came and joined me for dinner and we went to one of the many churches here in Bern for what is the first christmas service of the year, celebrating the first of advent.

Everything except a few of the songs where in German so i didn’t understand everything that was going on but got the jist, and could understand a good few sentences of what was being said.

What’s particularly nice about this church is that they have a gospel choir! They where very good and it was lovely to hear them sing and see the happiness it obviously brought to so many of the congregation. We sang Amazing grace as well as a few other’s I did not know, but it was very nice to feel a part of it and give my voice to the evenings devotions.

There’s something quite special about hearing a pure human voice sing and the acoustics in the church really helped amplify and enrichen what was being sung, very moving to hear. Music touches and connects with me in a way that not many other things in my life do, it really digs deep into my soul and moves me, warms me and makes me feel good and appreciate what I have.

So i had a lovely evening, am continuing the festive spirit from today and watching Miracle on 34th Street now! Here’s a short video I posted earlier on my youtube channel from decorating the house. I hope you enjoyed your weekend too and are also embracing the christmas spirit! until the next time …

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