A Gap In The Company

It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged. In that time so much has happened, I had my first Premiere which went very well, have had several more shows, visited Glasgow and more recently Stuttgart, but it’s not all been happy and cheery news.

I’m very sad to share with you news that my good friend and colleague, Jack Widdowson has been terribly hurt in a completely unprovoked, cowardly and shameful attack.

Perhaps you may have picked up upon this story in the UK press, but for those that haven’t came across the story, whilst visiting his brother in Cardiff Jack was assaulted by a complete stranger for his IPhone, Jack was left for dead with a broken neck and paralysed from the neck down from this attack. He was found and rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery to his neck and I am pleased to report he has been making good progress and there have been arrests made in connection with the assault which is extremely good news.

This came as such a shock to me, for such a horrific thing to happen to someone so close to you is something you never expect to happen. Jack was one of my closest friends here, and as the other apprentice and close-by neighbour we spent a lot of time together so it’s been quite an upsetting time for me.

The whole company has came together sending messages of well wishes and baking cookies for him! We are all deeply saddened by this tragic event, but have complete faith and hope in Jack making a good and speedy recovery, Jack if you’re reading this keep strong my friend!

Jack & I

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