The Premiere Is Looming

One week this Thursday and it’s Premiere time for A Winternight’s Dream!

The past week and a half have been spent in the theatre doing spacing, lighting (the slowest part of a show for dancers – lots of walking around from point a to b for the technicians to get the right light in the right place and colour etc) and learning different roles to cover any drama’s we may have in the coming month, people can get injured or sick pretty easily when you’re working as intensely and full on as we are just now.

Saying that, the days are quite nicely spaced out, we have ballet in the mornings at ten for an hour fifteen, short twenty minute break then rehearse untill around 2pm most days. 2-6/7 is usually free for us to go home, sleep and have something to eat just now which is very nice, then it’s back to the theatre rehearsing till 9/10 most days.

Saturdays seem to be the exception with this full on schedule, we usually finish mid afternoon although nothing is ever certain and in concrete in a dance company, the famous line ‘Subject to Change’ comes into place quite often and at very short notice your weekend plans are out of the window and it’s a long day of rehearsals. It certainly is full on being in a professional company, very demanding of you and you have to be in it 100% otherwise you really would just be miserable all the time, your whole life seems to be spent in the studio or on stage, and things like a social life and relationships often take a back bench when you have your career as the priority in your life.

For me that is fine, I’m still young and have plenty years ahead of me to settle down. Just now I have the travel bug, and want to get something back from the 13 years of training i’ve had, time to earn some money and see the world through dance!

Tomorrow we have the first run through of the show with costume and lighting and Thursday finally see’s the Orchestra come in to start rehearsing with us. There really is some beautiful music in this piece, a modern piece of music by Gabriel Prokofiev, grandson of THE Prokofiev who will also be at the premiere I am told, a very romantic and intense score by Mendelssohn, some lovely singing by a local youth choir and of course our classical turbtablist Martin Baumgartner who will be mixing up things and adding a pretty special element to the performances with his live mixing.

It’s a very exciting time as we draw closer and closer to the Premiere, it’s like i’m on a fast train that isn’t stopping and is only picking up speed, time is running away! I’ve been trying to find the time to make a few video blogs from the theatre/stage, hopefully over the next few days I will have something to bring to you!

Until the next time …


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