An exciting new chapter has opened

In the past few weeks I have been in discussion with my good friend John Henney (Ross), about the creation of a new contemporary dance company, and I am proud to share with you that we have now formed JRD: John Ross Dance.

Combining John’s experience in the dance and drama worlds combined with my knowledge from the many experiences and lessons I have learned over the past 13 years in dance, we have collaborated together to bring a new exciting dance platform to the arts world.

Our plan is to set up base in Glasgow, Scotland where there is a great scene for contemporary arts and dance, and create a company specialsing in Contemporary Dance and theatrical movement. We aim to collaborate and work with many different up and coming young and old Scottish artists from various art forms including photography, film, music and drama.

What we have is a vision of a dance company that will not only inform and enlighten, but one that will promote Glasgow and especially Scotland on a world stage. We aim to really bring to the fore the incredible burning passion for contemporary arts that is inside so many people and show the world that Scotland can produce, maintain and support world class artists.

We are very happy to be joined by Julia Robert on the creative team, she will lead the company as Rehearsal Director, with John as Artistic Director and myself as Company Manager.

At present we are looking at creating short pieces of work that we can share on a dance platform throughout the UK to get exposure, feedback and investment as we look to secure funding for the coming years. John has already been choreographing successfully for a few years and this very year he had a piece of his choreography ‘Kettled’ bought by Dance United that will enter the company’s repertory for the next three years, he is also working with them in January on a special new creation, more on that to follow.

We are absolutely determined that this is going to work and we are doing everything possible to make our vision become reality. Many thanks to the people who have helped so far with the encouragement and support we have received, with out this kind support we would not be able to share with you all what we love to do, entertain, make you question and enjoy quality contemporary dance.

We have a new website for the company with further information, pictures and videos amongst other useful tools, please have a look and leave feedback. Here is the link you need:

I look forward to sharing with you more news on this exciting new chapter in my life!

Until the next time …

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