A Golden Age Long Lost

Last night I went to the Cinema (a big deal here in Switzerland it’s almost 20 quid a ticket!) at one of no less than 29 Cinema houses here in Bern.

Each and every one of the cinema’s I’ve been to here have been pretty special, they are all set in this classic retro style of cinema one would conjure up in their mind if you where to imagine a ‘classic’ cinema from the golden age of film.

I saw Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy and was absolutely blown away by the script, acting and filming. You can always count on John Le Carre to entertain with his gripping plots.

What’s particularly nice about the cinema’s here, annoyed me at first but I love it now, is there’s always a short ten minute break half way through the film to go get some ice cream or popcorn in the foyer. And yes smoke if one does indulge in said anti-social habit!

Each time i go it really does make me feel like i’ve fell back in time a few generations, everyone’s always well dressed here in Switzerland so that’s pretty normal by now, but all these incredible old buildings and pauses to change the projector etc really give a nice feeling and make it a special feeling, which going to the cinema ought to be.

An escape for some, i would say everyone? Is that not why we go? To escape from our terribly mundane boring lives?

What ever reason you go for, make sure you put Switzerland on you’re hit list of places to see a film while you’re there, indeed there are cinema houses in Zurich and across the country where they still have an orchestra that play the music for films, a true hark back to the good old days.

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