Winter Sun

Making the most of a day off work, I donned my welly-boots, stuck on my gloves and headed out to the countryside for a nice long afternoon walk.

There’s really quite nothing like it, the fresh air, smell of burning wood from the few farm houses dotted around the rolling fields, and happy walkers out with their dogs. Quite a nice break from the usual hectic city life which one can so easily get dragged into a repetitive loop of.

With christmas on the horizon, and work picking up, it came at quite a nice time for me to recharge the batteries and catch up on things – an important thing to do every now and then.

The past few week’s I’ve been continuing on with my work for The Knightswood Graduates Trust, and immersing myself in my new full-time job. My gran yesterday celebrated her 78th birthday so I went around with some chocolates for a ‘wee gab’ after work.

Movember is going well, we’ve all been raising money at work for it and my moustache is coming along well, all raising an awareness of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

I’ll leave you with a collage of pictures from my walk today – all taken on my iPhone and edited using diptic and instagram, I really ought to make more use of that Nikon SLR I bought!!


Soul Satisfying Dance

Last night it was off to the theatre with the mother, to see the ever wonderful Richard Alston Dance Company.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen some inspiring dance here in Glasgow, so it was extra special to see this company do their thing as only they do so well. What really set’s the work of Richard apart from any other choreographer for me, is his literal interpretation of music, the way in which he plays on the small details and brings out the personalities of the dancers on stage.

The evening featured a triple bill – ‘The Devil in the Detail’, ‘Shimmer’, and ‘Madcap’.

‘The Devil in the Detail’ has been revived by Richard for this Autumn Season Tour, featuring the infectiously feel-good music of Scott Joplin. The dancers really play with the musicality and have fun with the live pianist on stage, you couldn’t help but feel you wanted to get up there and dance along with them.

After the interval, a real treat – Continue reading

An exciting new direction.

A very short post for you all today, yesterday saw the UK leap out of recession (officially), and I finally got a full-time job – on the spot! A whole new exciting chapter starts monday and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the goings on there, here in Glasgow, and further afield as I can.

Fun for all the family

It’s been a while since I’ve made a travel documentary, so here for your very own viewing pleasure this Sunday afternoon I have for you, a brand new doc! Featuring highlights from my recent trip to the Cairngorms National Park, and filmed on iPhone 4s edited on iMovie, for all those techno lovers out there. Hope you enjoy it.

An Undiscovered Treasure, Discovered.

There is never enough time to do everything you want to, see everything you want to, and say everything you want to in life.

Therefore when an opportunity presents itself, you jump at it. This past week, I have spent with my family staying in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, the UK’s largest national park and done my best to jump at every opportunity to do something different from the usual day-to-day life I lead.

You know those seemingly imaginary holidays you occasionally hear of people winning on the radio or TV? Well they do actually happen, through a stroke of good luck my father won a competition through Radio Clyde that was being organised through RockSolid PR company and the good folks at The Cairngorms National Park, whom I must thank for making this last week a truly incredible and thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Continue reading

A coming home, & weeks of dance to treasure.

The coming week see’s two bold new premieres, a fight for the audience this coming Thursday, as two new premieres grace the theatres of Glasgow.

The big fight for audience goers this week, is between The Tramway – where Scottish born choreographer Michael Clark, is making a welcome return with a new world premiere. Over at The Theatre Royal, its Scottish Ballet, with incumbent artistic director Christopher Hampson at the helm and with big boots to fill after the sad departure of Ashley Paige.

Michael Clarke Company present a double bill, featuring collaborations with artist and filmmaker Charles Atlas, and a specially commissioned new score from Relaxed Muscle. Michael Clarke set the tempo for a revolutionary new turn in contemporary dance, shocking audiences with his bold set designs, costumes and striking choreography. Be sure to come prepared for some amazing dancers doing some pretty awesome things with the human body. Shows run Thursday 4th October – Saturday 6th with tickets at £15-£20. Click HERE for more details and to book tickets.

Scottish Ballet bring a triple bill, a revival of the witty minded Martin Lawrence’s ‘Run For It’ choreographed for Dance GB, William Forsythe’s ‘Work Within Work’, setting the scene for what will be a challenging piece for the dancers, and finally ‘5 Tangos’ from Hans Van Manen will bring the evening to a dramatic close as the company perform it for the first time. Performances also run from Thursday 4th – Saturday 6th and come in at £18, under 26’s, student’s and unwaged can get tickets for £10. Click HERE for more information and tickets.

The coming months have some real goodies in store for theatre goers,  Richard Alston Dance Company making a welcome return to The Theatre Royal 1st November, Marc Brew Company perform at The Tramway 26th & 27th October, and the wonderfully sassy Chicago the Musical performs at The Kings Theatre 19th-24th November.

Whatever you do, make sure you add some of these dates to your diary if you are in, around or passing through Glasgow soon, take your suit to the dry cleaners, and dig out those old binoculars for a prime view of the action!

30 Years In The Making, A Lasting Legacy.

The month is drawing to a close, and with the close of the month an exciting new chapter starts to unfold.

I’ve been busy immersing myself in life back in Glasgow, enjoying the great cultural events on offer in and around the city. Some important developments –

This past week I had a productive and encouraging meeting with the director of The Dance School of Scotland, Kenny Burke, and Graham Dickie, Musical Theatre Course director. Through talks with various other dancers and artists in the business, a great event and idea has taken shape. Continue reading