Last days

Last days in work are a funny thing.

Always a bittersweet affair. Sometimes you leave sad, others too excited to be leaving for any number of reasons. Today I had my last day in the Commonwealth Games office on which I have been working for the Cultural Programme, Festival 2014.

I remember vaguely my last day at High School – excited to be leaving for new adventures in London. I remember a bit more clearly my last day at Uni – full of confidence, ambition, and ready to take whatever the world of work would throw at me. I remember more vividly my last day with Bern Ballet – the final ballet class, leaving the changing rooms and theatre for the last time, and the strange sense of emptiness and comedown after such a high. I remember well the pride and sense of achievement handing in my notice to Ted Baker after having spent a year freelance and doing my best to cobble some sort of life and career together – that was a good day, and a day I felt I took back ownership of who I am and what I’m doing.

And today, today I walked out of our lovely Merchant City offices with a real sense of pride. A pride for all that the team and I have achieved together during Festival – over 1000 performances in over 100 venues, 3 amazing live zones across the City at Glasgow Green Live Zone where I was Assistant-Producer, the Merchant City Festival and the Kelvingrove Bandstand which collectively saw in excess of 1Million visitors to the host-city enjoy all of the culture that Glasgow, and the Commonwealth have to offer. I left today with a real sense of how far I have came since joining Glasgow Life, and mixed emotions of sadness to be leaving what has been the biggest thing to come to Glasgow, and indeed Scotland for what I’m sure will be generations to come, but also excitement at what the next chapter, starting tomorrow, has in store.

Tomorrow I move to Tramway in Glasgow’s south-side, where I will start work with the Glasgow Life Arts Team on a new Biennial International Dance Festival. I’ll find out a lot more in the coming weeks and will share what I can about the process, but it’s a new festival I am thoroughly looking forward to. I’ll be square and fair back into dance – producing work, co-ordinating work, supporting programmes – exactly what I left Bern Ballet in Switzerland and set out to do.

It’s been one heck of a journey since then, a lot of ups and downs, challenging times, rewarding times, but above all I’m looking forward to building on the previous experiences and closeness to this sector I have had since a child, back when I started my very first dance class with the Valerie Brown School of Dance in Hamilton at Cadzow Parish Church. It was a really nice round-circle bringing this dance group to the Merchant City Festival this summer, celebrating the future talent of our wonderful country.

I’ve had a period of inactivity on WordPress as life and work has picked up, and with press and media sensitivity working for a large corporate company, I’ve not been able to share anywhere near the amount of information I would usually about the planning and delivery process.

Keep checking back in the coming months to enjoy and share in the new direction of dance in Glasgow and the international links made, and share share and share your stories of last days. 

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