Onwards and up.

It has been quite some time since I have last blogged, life has been moving in quite a variety of different ways of late.

This has been the first time that I have not been dancing and performing on a daily or regular basis since I was 7 years now as I live in Glasgow building my arts management portfolio.

Work with the Dance School of Scotland Graduates Trust is moving along nicely, we have our governing charter in place and together with the board I shall be putting in an application for charitable status – a massive boost and help should it be awarded.

John (John Ross Dance) with whom I collaborate and garner new commissions has been kept busy both performing and choreographing at the likes of Laban, The Space Dundee and most recently a new commission at The Old Vic theatre.

In my own life I continue to look for inspiration and fulfilment in my endeavours. 

Truly having your heart in something that you do, no matter what the task, can help massively and getting that balance right in working life can be hard.

It can be such an easy option to follow a career, or love for that matter, that seems the nice cosy easy option, yet the most fulfilling careers come from following your passion and giving your all to this.

For now i bid you farewell until the next post … As I continue to work upon getting that work balance right and furthering my own development in the UK dance scene as an arts coordinator.

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