Installing a sense of worth back into employment.

It is no big news flash to announce the UK jobs market is in a complete and utter mess.

With spiralling unemployment, particularly amongst young graduates who have forked out upwards of £25,000 just for a degree never mind postgraduate level studies, and poorly paid or indeed illegally un-paid apprenticeships, it is a dire picture facing the youth of this country at this moment in time.

For any country seeking to expand growth and economic output, it is to the youth that they look to drive the country forward. The young of this country have an incredible abundance of energy, work exceedingly hard and invest heavily in what they do to make it a success.

How can it then be that this is not rewarded, or indeed encouraged? The National Minimum Wage is a shambolic joke, completely out of touch with the reality of real life in the UK. There is just no way one can make a living on it, bus and rail fares are constantly rising, as are rent, insurance and utility bills.

In fact, it seems the price of everything is rising. The only thing that is not is wages.

If there is some smart economist or politician out there that can explain the methodology behind this I would be eager to hear from you.

By enshrining the ‘living wage’, currently £8.55 for those in London and £7.45 for the rest of the UK, this is clearly now the only viable way of lifting the country out of the debt ridden mess it is in.

A living wage where individuals would feel valued, would incentivize workers of all ages to work harder, and not just feel like a cog in the works of a money guzzling multi-national company – only out to expand the pockets of its directors and shareholders.

Take Glasgow as an example, where only 150 businesses have signed up to this living wage, it is clear the Government need to get tough on this, scrap the NMW, and give back some sense of self value and respect to the hard-working committed people in this country who are being let down.

When it gets to a state that one can be in employment on NMW with high qualifications next to someone who has left school with next to no qualifications, a real look has to be taken in the mirror by those in Government.

Rhetoric is all very good, but real action and NOW, is what we need to see to believe the strong words being thrown around.

You can make a difference by signing this e-petition and sharing it amongst your networks if you, like me, feel passionately about this.

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