Soul Satisfying Dance

Last night it was off to the theatre with the mother, to see the ever wonderful Richard Alston Dance Company.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen some inspiring dance here in Glasgow, so it was extra special to see this company do their thing as only they do so well. What really set’s the work of Richard apart from any other choreographer for me, is his literal interpretation of music, the way in which he plays on the small details and brings out the personalities of the dancers on stage.

The evening featured a triple bill – ‘The Devil in the Detail’, ‘Shimmer’, and ‘Madcap’.

‘The Devil in the Detail’ has been revived by Richard for this Autumn Season Tour, featuring the infectiously feel-good music of Scott Joplin. The dancers really play with the musicality and have fun with the live pianist on stage, you couldn’t help but feel you wanted to get up there and dance along with them.

After the interval, a real treat – ‘Shimmer’. Again with a live pianist, a stunning score from Maurice Ravel Sonatine combined extremely well with the simplistic stage set up and yes, ‘shimmering’ costumes, a spider wed design that glistened and danced in the light. Pierre Tappon, Hannah Kidd and Oihana Vesga Bujan particularly stood out for me with their mature, stylistic approach to the movement and how they draw out and play with the music.

Finishing off the evening on a high-octane level, Martin Lawrence’s new commission for the company – ‘Madcap’. Audiences will now be becoming familiar with Martin’s work – incredibly fast, powerful, technical movements. Having worked with him on my graduation choreography whilst a student at London Contemporary Dance School, I was so impressed by the way in which Martin brings together a piece and how he magically manages to bring out the best in every dancer. Something I’m sure the dancers at Scottish Ballet who worked with him recently on Dance GB will agree to I’m sure.

Featuring a dynamic score from the American composer Julia Wolfe, the audience are taken on a real tour of force, this is contemporary dance as it is today – gripping, breath-taking and fulfilling to see done well.

The whole company really dance well together – not an easy task I may add when there is a lot of you! Nathan Goodman, Liam Riddick and Nancy Nerantzi in particular had me on the edge of my seat, there is a raw charismatic edge to their dancing that is a real pleasure to watch.

The evening was capped off nicely catching up with all the dancers over dinner, In all a really inspiring and soul fulfilling evening.

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