Re-living moments passed by & creating new moments.

This past month has been a great one.

Now back in my hometown of Glasgow, Scotland, I have been out and about immersing myself in the goings on of the city, remembering old favourites I’d forgotten and discovering some new gems along the way.

Living with my father throughout the week and my mother at weekend, it’s been great finally getting some down time with family after so many years away from home, I was 11 when I left for boarding school!

Just as I arrive home, another O’Hare leaves. My younger brother Damian has left us to start his exciting new chapter in life, University in America. Studying at Georgia’s Brewton Parker College, Damian will (I’m sure) go on to complete his Degree in Business Management, parallel to his ‘Soccer’ training for which he has a sports scholarship, over the next four years. It was to very mixed emotions, of joy and sadness, that he left us at Glasgow International Airport, I managed to hold it together, mother however was a different story!

In the run up to Damian leaving we had various different festivities planned, family meals, BBQ’s with friends, nights out etc, it was all a big whirlwind for him I’m sure.

After the departure of Damian, I cracked on with familiarizing myself with the wonderful city that is Glasgow. Trips have included to the incredibly designed new Transport Museum on the river Clyde, otherwise known as the Riverside Museum, see picture gallery at bottom of page.

Amsterdam based artist Fiona Tan has a spectacular exhibition, ‘Disorient’, that is a must see currently running at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) until 24th February. A two screen film, with text from Marco Polo’s adventures and set in a truly disorienting surrounding, this is a true feast for all of the senses.

Talks and exhibitions at The Centre for Contemporary Arts have proven a great source of inspiration, with talks such as educational difficulties facing children in Palestine, to exhibitions on the history of the CCA or as it was known in the 70’s, The Third Eye Centre, ‘What We Have Done, What We Are About To Do’, which runs to September 15th.

Shortly after Armed Forces day where I proudly watched my friend Gavin parade, came the Merchant City Festival. It felt like Europe had hit Glasgow it was unreal! Music on the streets, Art, Film, Dance and Theatre on every corner packing out venues, market stalls with specialities from across europe and a pretty special buzz descended on the city for a long weekend of festivities.

A day trip to Loch Lomond one sunny day with friends was a welcome break, from the hustle and bustle that takes over a city when all the school kids are on summer break.

At my father’s house, a short walk leads me to the countryside, where picturesque Scottish fields and mountains await my eyes. I have been enjoying long walks and jogs here as I get back into my health regime.

Last weekend I travelled to Edinburgh for the Premiere of John Ross Dance’s new work “Man Down’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which was a great success. Of a poll of audience members who saw the performances over the weekend, 90% rated it 5 stars. It was great to be in Edinburgh again where I managed to fit in catching up with my Aunt and Uncle who where very kind in putting up with me for the weekend, as well as an old school friend, seeing the sights in Edinburgh and soaking up the incredible atmosphere that the Festival has. Bellow is a trailer for the new work John has created, which you can also see at this years Camden Festival in London at The Shaw Theatre, 29th August at 19.30.

Kushion, the O2’s ABC Academy & The Garage have been the places to go this summer for me and my friends, always a good crowd & fun night in those venues.

Chicken Katsu dinners at the one and only Wagamama’s, Pizza’s at Dino’s old family run Italian and wine in the Merchant City where the beautiful and well-heeled like to head, have all featured heavily in my summer as I have caught up with some old and new friends.

The coming month’s have some exciting things in store, be sure to check back in with me over the coming weeks to find out more. My ‘Profile’ series of interviews with prominent dancers from across the world will continue as dance companies start their seasons soon, an exciting three-part documentary about Glasgow, and the latest guides to what’s on and happening in Glasgow from myself will be hitting your screens over the coming weeks and months.

As ever, please leave your own feedback, share what you enjoy, and I look forward to sharing with you more experiences here on MatthewOHareDance as we move into the Autumn months.

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