Final Week, The Last Premiere & A Good Ending.

My year in Switzerland is now over, and as I write this from rainy Glasgow I thought I would take the time to share with you the incredible last week I had as a dancer with Bern Ballet and resident of the incredible city that is Bern, Switzerland’s capitol geographically in the centre of the country (and middle of Europe).

The good weather was interspersed with rainy days in the final week, still, the sticky weather averaging out at around 27c a day made it a bit uncomfortable and one would never know what to wear.In good old Scottish spirit, powering on regardless of any dull weather, I did my best to make the most of my final days there.

We did have a few good days, swimming by the river in the outdoor public pool’s or in the river itself was particularly special, if not slightly chilly and refreshing (the river was 17c and the pool’s 21c water temperature!). Naturally within a dance company the dancers get quite close and form a kind of family bond, everyone is away from their own family, and spend so much of their time together with one another – be that in work or social life. I have a great group of friends and special individuals in Bern whose friendship I will cherish and hold on to for years to come, I think being in the final week everyone was making the effort to really make the most of the time we had together as a group before the summer break.

We had lots of BBQ’s, sat out under the stars until the sun came up one morning, and went on many an adventure along the river and out in the city. The shows of ‘Made In Bern’ and ‘Momo’ continued, it was with ‘Momo’ that we finished the season, last saturday in the Opera House.

We had our end of season party on the friday evening and by the end of the show on saturday emotions where quite high, quite a few teary eyes by the final curtain call.

On the Sunday I hosted a leaving party at my wonderful house in which I have lived with simply the most incredible, humble, and generous Swiss family for the past year. Together with my friends from the company and people I have come to know and love from Bern, I spent my last full day in their company with a spot of afternoon tea and an evening BBQ.

The Sunday was a lovely day, a happy one, no sad emotions – that was all out-of-the-way after saturday evening.

It was a good end to what has been at times an incredibly challenging and testing year, I’m glad I stuck it out and made all the sacrifices I did to get to where I am now. This year has been great for me as I develop as an artist and find what it is I really want from dance, and what I can give in return to dance and culture.

As I move forward in my career on my new path into Arts Management and Coordination, I thank all those who along the way have supported, believed in me and given me the time and space to become my own man and forge my own path in life.

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