Wedding, Premiere’s & Final Week.

The past week has been yet another mad busy one for me here in Bern.

Last weekend saw our director, Cathy Marston, getting married and we had a lovely reception with the company and close friends to celebrate the special day. We had our premiere for ‘Momo’ which is continuing to be a great success, last night’s performance in the Opera House was incredible, the house was packed and we had such a receptive audience who applauded and applauded and applauded as we took our curtain calls!

Throughout the past week and indeed over the past few month’s I have been getting busier and busier coordinating ‘Made In Bern 5’, the dancers yearly choreographic platform of which you may have seen the trailer for (see last post!).

A wonderful team of incredibly dedicated and focused individuals all came together to make everything possible, the entire production is put together in everyone’s free time outside of official work time – it’s a real testament to people doing what they love simply because they enjoy it.

All the hard work, late evening’s and stressful moments dissolve into nothingness and become so apparently worth it when you see it come together so well.

For me, and where I’m taking my career in the arts, this has been a really significant week and helped me know and be assured that I’m going in the right direction. Theatre/Arts Management is something I’m enjoying more and more. I enjoy the challenges that come with it, and take great pride in knowing I’m part of a bigger thing/team bringing together a wonderful professional production.

Sitting down on Saturday evening in the audience and knowing there was nothing more I could do to help make it better was nerve-wracking and i had my fingers crossed all the queue’s and thing’s we had worked on would run as smoothly as they had the previous few days in rehearsal.

Sure enough they did, we had a fantastic receptive audience who laughed and clapped a lot throughout the evening. The dancers took their curtain call’s and I was moved that they took me onto stage to take a bow and join them all.

Yesterday after the success of ‘Momo’ we had our annual ballet friends dinner in a beautiful location in Bern, we were treated to a delicious three course meal and a moving speech from the president of the association who has supported and fought for the company as president for 14 years now.

Last night finished by the water sitting under the stars with friends, a really beautiful end to an incredible week.

Today begins the week count down to my departure from Switzerland, this time next week I’ll be boarding my plane at Geneva Airport back to Scotland for the summer. I’ve got lot’s of thing’s still to do this week, not to mention packing and trying to enjoy the most of the beautiful weather we’re being blessed with here! It’s been an incredible experience and I’ve learnt so much, the biggest thing this year has helped with is me finding what it really is I want from dance and more than that what I can give to dance.

I’ve got an exciting new chapter about to open in front of me, but for now, I’m making the most of this final chapter.

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