Emily doing what she does best. Photography by Rachel Neville.

Emily Kadow in Interview

Continuing on from my most recent profile in the series, this week on MODance it gives me great pleasure to bring to you an interview with American Ballerina Emily Kadow.

Born in Orlando, Florida, 19-year-old Emily has followed her life long dream of becoming a ballerina and made it to the top. From the tender age of 6 with great support from her family, she has went on to win the Bronze medal in the Moscow International Ballet Competition, The Grand Prix award at the Youth America Grand Prix (PA) and the Bronze medal in the Youth America Grand Prix NYC Finals.

Currently dancing with Theatre du Capitole de Toulouse, Emily will be joining world-renowned San Francisco Ballet this July. She took the time out to speak to me about her experiences in dance so far, what the future holds and what her inspiration has been.

You started dance at a young age, what was your initial inspiration back in the beginning?

I started dancing at 6 years old, My older sister Kate is also a ballet dancer and I started because of her.

As a young girl starting out in ballet, was it something that you felt encouraged & supported to do by those around you?

Yes. My parents always supported my sister and I and encouraged us to do something we loved and work hard.

Emily in a recent advertising campaign for Capezio. Photography by Sara Forrest.

Emily in a recent advertising campaign for Capezio. Photography by Sara Forrest.

Your training includes time at different dance colleges throughout the US, briefly tell us how that experience was for you:

When I was very young i trained at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB) and after that we moved back to Florida for a couple of years before moving to NYC at 14. In New York I trained with Edward Ellison at Ellison Ballet, it was a wonderful experience. I also spent a year training at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre.

At what point did you realize that Ballet was something you wanted to do professionally, what was it that clicked inside of you & made you realize it was more than a hobby?

I don’t think i ever thought of it as a hobby, even when i was very young in Pennsylvania at CPYB I knew I wanted to have a career as a ballet dancer.

Are there any dancers in particular that you aspired to be like?

I really admire Diana Vishneva, Ulyana Lopatkina, Dorothee Gibert, Maria Kochetkova,  Yuan Yuan Tan, and many others all for different reasons.  My sister Kate has always been a dancer I look up to and admire, I have learned very much from her.

Emily with sister Kate

Emily with sister Kate, they danced The Nutcracker together in Miami – Kate was Sugarplum and Emily was Clara.

Ballet is a notoriously tough technique to study and work in, what have you found the most challenging aspect of this?

I think because of the repertoire now you have to not only be able to dance classical ballet but also contemporary and sometimes modern also.

Everyone experiences up’s and down’s in any job, especially in the high pressure world of performing arts, what is it that keeps you going through the hard times?

I have had many up’s and down’s, I think because of how much I enjoy and love dancing it makes the harder times worth it.

Emily doing what she does best. Photography by Rachel Neville.

Emily doing what she does best. Photography by Rachel Neville.

What would be your dream role to perform and why?

Nikiya in La Bayadere. La Bayadere is one of my favorite ballets and I would love to dance the full length. I hope to dance all the full length classics.

Tell us about your current work, what are you performing in just now?

Right now is my last program with Ballet du Capitole in France.  The company is working on Concerto Barocco, Petite Mort, Slaughter on 10th Ave, Don Quixote and Le Corsaire Pas de deux.

What advice would you offer to anyone wanting to make it as a professional ballerina?

To work as hard as possible.

Emily Kaddow. Photography by Rachel Neville.

Emily Kaddow. Photography by Rachel Neville.

Finally, what does the future hold in store for you? 

I’m not sure yet … my goal now is to dance as much as possible.


My thank’s to Emily for her wonderful help in bringing this interview together and to both Sara Forrest and Rachel Neville for the photography.

You can see Emily performing with Theatre du Capitole de Toulouse until the end of the current season, for tickets head to:


And for further information on San Francisco Ballet and the work Emily will be performing in the coming season 2012-13, head over to:


Stay tuned into MODance for the next interview in the series of ‘Profile’s’, coming soon!

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