Damian & I

Home. At Last

Last week I had the great pleasure of having 6 days off work here in Switzerland, the longest break may I add that one has had since last July, and that was 10 days!

Loosing no time, it was straight to Geneva Airport for me and on a plane bound for bonnie Scotland.

Flying into Edinburgh Airport I was greeted by gale force winds, heavy rains and 8c – a perfect Scottish welcome home! My mother and youngest brother had driven through from Glasgow where we live to collect me, it was great to see them, it’s been about 7 months since I was home and that was for an extremely short time.

Driving over to collect my older brother from his football practice, he informed me on the phone that the team had already made their way to the local pub and a nice pint of cold Glaswegian Tennent’s Beer was awaiting me at the bar! What a happy moment it was when i smacked my lips around that glorious creation!

Damian & I

Damian & I

We had a quality pub dinner there, I opted for fish and chips washed down with Irn Bru – I was determined to choose Scottish/British foods when possible as I’ve been missing them dearly over here in Switzerland.

It was a great time at home, I got to catch up with lots of old friends, family, and see my beloved Glasgow again – it never fails to put a smile back in me being home.

I went swimming with my dad & brother at a local spa, enjoyed walking around the town seeing some new and old sites, had a great night out on the tiles with my friends, and managed to fit in plenty of banter along the way.

My life is heading in an exciting direction and I’m looking forward to having some normality and stability in my life for a change. Something I’ve craved for years but not been able to have due to circumstance and place, the coming few months are going to be extremely fulfilling if not challenging, but I’m sure the end result will be a happier, more complete Matthew.

I’m back in Switzerland now until I break for the summer, plenty of shows and activities to keep me busy in the coming weeks.

Until the next time, catch ye.

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