Thank You

This week has been a big week for my online endeavours.

Earlier in the week this website passed the 10,000 views mark & my linked YouTube channel passed the 15,000 views mark, bringing a combined viewing audience of over 25,000 people in no less than 54 Countries. Bloggers and lovers of all things dance and travel from countries as far ranging as the US, Every Single European Country, Vietnam & even Peru amongst others, have came by this website since i launched it back in september.

This website, a place that started off as a bit of fun to keep close family & friends in touch with what I’m doing abroad, has grown into quite a little hobby of mine that gives me great joy, writing and sharing my experiences in Dance, Travel and the odd bit of Politics, Love and Life!

Every time I post I now reach an instant audience of over 500 combined WordPress, Facebook & Twitter followers which is absolutely fantastic & I look forward to building on that audience, bringing more quality material for your reading and viewing pleasure in the coming months and years.

As we move on together to the next chapter in MODance, a massive thank you to everyone who has supported, read, shared & I hope enjoyed my work!

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