I Miss

Being away from home ain’t easy at times, I miss:

  • Irn Bru
  • Tunnock’s Tea Cakes
  • Half-Pizza Crunch Dinners from Da Vinci’s on Queen St, Glasgow
  • Square Sausages
  • Tattie Scones
  • Baked beans, cheese & sausage melt’s from Gregg’s
  • Decent strawberry tart’s
  • Scottish Nature
  • Glasgow’ Girls – notably in bamboo, kushion & common
  • My Family
  • All my friends from home
  • Being a millionaire (almost, every friday with euro-millions)
  • Going round to my Gran & Papa’s for a cuppa & a chat
  • Getting a late night munch at asda
  • Hearing a proper Glaswegian accent
  • Being able to say ‘Awryt’ to someone & they’ll get what I mean
  • Tennent’s Beer!
  • Quality afternoon’s with Shaun over Wicked Zinger meals at KFC

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