Fresh Rain, Books & Tradition.

The passing of the Easter weekend saw me having a glorious four days off work to rest, play & enjoy myself.

In the past two week’s I’ve really got back into reading books, hence the lack of blogging! It’s something I used to do all the time when I was younger, thinking back to my childhood I  remember reading Tintin, Harry Potter and Tolkien’s work. I guess the older I got and the more technology came until our world the less books became prevalent in our society, a sad but true fact – look at the amount of book stores that have closed in recent years and ask your self this – when did you last hear a kid asking for the latest novel from a certain author over the latest gadget or piece of fangled technology?

This all has it’s place and it’s clear the importance of technology in this advanced world we live in, however, now and then, I do love just turning off all my technology, cutting off from the outside world and just immersing myself in a great book.

I’ve got Hunter S. Thompson to thank (where he still here) for bringing me back around.

HIgh school and Uni saw me reading a fair few books but less and less for pleasure and for study instead, so it came as a surprise to me when I found myself in the English section of the Library here in Bern. That particular book was ‘The Rum Diary’, a really great read – i went through it in two days. The book was recently made into a film starring Johnny Depp, it’s great and I watched it twice in the same week, but nothing comes close to the magic reading a book brings.

I’ve since taken out a big bundle of books to keep my brain and imagination going, novels from Josua Ferris, Ian Rankin and Jack Higgins amongst others.

At the weekend there was plenty of TLC for myself, lot’s of wonderful fresh healthy food at home with great company and lots of nice wine and whiskey to keep our spirits high. I enjoyed a spa break one day, in the Norwegian sauna which reached temperatures of 95-97c I experienced something new. A few minutes in the sauna and two of the workers come in and start rattling off jokes in Swiss to great laughter from the other people in the cabin. Oblivious to what was going on and hoping world war three had not just been announced, I decided to stay to see what we where in for. In came three buckets of ice and it wasn’t long before they were over the coals and towels where being circled in the air to spread the heat through the cabin. next a large bottle of what turned out to be a exfoliating cream was passed around for us all to rub into our skin, a beautiful aroma and the cream felt great on the skin with the granules of whatever it is they put in exfoliators. the workers then moved around the three row’s of the sauna waving the towel up and down over each person 5 times, the heat from this was so extreme and by now I had been in for 14 minutes, time to dash for the cold shower as almost every other person was after the towel ordeal!

Outside the sauna which is on the roof top are some cold showers and I stood under them in the pouring rain cooling down and washing the exfoliator off, i felt so fresh and invigorated – a healthy yoghurt followed after a short relaxation period on the roof top terrace looking over the countryside.

It’s not too often I go for a spa here, at home in Glasgow i would go every week with my dad without fail, so whenever I go here it is always pretty special and i always treasure that peaceful time in such a tranquil environment.

Easter itself was almost as big as Christmas in my household, we had well over 10 people in the house, all relatives of the family from around europe, there was a nice lively buzz to the house. We ate lamb, spetzli (a swiss specialty close to pasta) and various steamed vegetables, a right old feast! earlier at breakfast, we had all prepared some bread in our own unique shapes – i opted to go for the Loch Ness Monster, see the similarity?

My Loch Ness Monster

My Loch Ness Monster

I’m now back in the studio & this week we have lots of sound and ligthting rehearsals, the premiere for the next program is next wednesday! there’s a new video interview coming you’re way featuring Cathy Marston, currently sharing and uploading that – stay tuned!

Until the next time, ciao from me.

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