Full Time Fun

The past week has been a pretty busy full on one, jam packed with lots of fun, work and shows.

Starting last weekend I went to The Aerial Pole Dance Competition 2012 with some friends from Bern Ballet and what a night it was! We where sitting right down the front in VIP drinking champagne all night, and what an after -party. It was really impressive and certainly changed my perceptions of what pole dancing is, and that it is an art form in itself.

There was a TV crew there doing a documentary and they did an interview with me asking from a dancer’s point of view and as a male what i thought about the whole business, and i talked about how the evening had changed my perception of it. Think of pole dancing and you would think of scantily clad woman dancing for money in dodgy bars full of old men, but this was on a whole different level. The material the girls where doing was incredibly well choreographed, they where all so versatile and graceful in their movements and you need to be seriously strong to pull of what they where doing, it was quite a spectacle to see.

There was also men dancing which i had never heard of before, i was impressed how good they actually where, i wasn’t to sure what to make of it when i heard men would be performing as well! One of the dancers spoke to me at the after-party and asked if i’d ever done pole dancing, which i haven’t, and he said i should give it a try – as a dancer it comes to you quite easily with the right flexibility and strength … perhaps something to think about.

The star of the night, was by a long way, Ukranian pole dance champion Nataliia Tatarintseva. This girl was absolutely incredible. It was her first time performing in the west, and she came along with a big entourage of translators, choreographer, friends etc who seemed to be pretty happy with the three awards she picked up from the judges. Her performance was really special, it felt like the moment in Moulin Rouge where Nicole Kidman comes out for the first time and the whole audience are held in awe at how graceful and beautiful she is and how she moves, I really was in awe watching her! So here she is dancing and a photo of us at the after-party:

Nataliia & I

Nataliia & I

After the fun of that evening, it was a strong coffee and onboard a train to Geneva (one of the most beautiful train trip’s you can take here in Switzerland, the views over Lake Geneva are stunning from the train) where I visited the International Motor Show for the first time. I had a great time and had a good look at all the makes I wanted to see, Rolls-Royce, Aston-Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and so on.

At Rolls-Royce I was particularly impressed with the Ghost, even more by it’s price tag of roughly $250,000, the complimentary Laurent-Perrier Champagne and the dealer who was showing me the car made it not seem so much after all.

LP & Rolls-Royce Ghost

LP & Rolls-Royce Ghost

At Aston-Martin, still my favourite super car by a long shot, I felt at home sitting in the DBS testing out the Bang & Olufson Sound System in the car and there was a great British dealer who had came out for the show who was really nice and talked me through the whole car. There’s something about buying a British product, knowing you’re supporting you’re own country and skilled technicians etc that made the car on British Soil that makes you feel good, better than throwing cash at Italian or German car makers! Without doubt my ultimate dream car which I hope to drive one day.

Aston-Martin DBS Carbon Fibre Edition

Aston-Martin DBS Carbon Fibre Edition

At Ferrari, I learned a valuable life lesson, I will never buy a Ferrari no matter how rich i get. and here’s why. Possibly the worst dealer ever helped me come to this hypothesis, he said something to me that stuck in my mind:

“You don’t ever need a Ferrari, you just want it.”

That to me is so wrong, with an Aston-Martin for example, or indeed any beautiful piece of work, you need it. You spend you’re teenage years dreaming about it, you may even spend you’re adult life dreaming about it, so when that wonderful moment comes when you can actually get you’re hands on a boy-hood dream it really is a special moment. Getting an Aston-Martin would do that for me, but never a Ferrari.

This dealer seemed so pompous, bragging about owning so many things, seeming to know what colours i would like best and even offering a ‘special deal’ if i wanted to take the car there and then. complete and utter deal turn off even if I had the dollars! Nonetheless, I still enjoyed sitting in the car’s and enjoying the complimentary Moet & Chandon Champagne in the Ferrari Bar.



All in all, it was a great exhibition, certainly something i’ll take my own boy’s to see in years to come when i have my own family.

This week my cousin David was here in Bern visiting from Stuttgart and we had a great time being tourists and enjoying the 22c weather we where blessed with all week. It really seemed that summer is just around the corner, people where flocking back to the river which is full of sun and fun seekers in summer having BBQ’s, playing beach volley ball and swimming in the river. A few brave soul’s braved the 8c temperature of the river for a quick refreshing run in and out and there was a good deal of people out enjoying BBQ’s and the first beach volley ball games of the year. Once the temperature rises in the alps and the snows begin to melt then it’s happy day’s and back into the beautiful river.

The river Aare really is a unique feature of Bern, to have such a beautiful clean river running through a capitol city is unheard of and something the locals and indeed myself like to make the most of when it’s not too cold.

The River Aare this week in Bern.

The River Aare this week in Bern.

I had two show’s David came to see, enjoyed nice walk’s along the river, went to the zoo, walk’s in the forrest, sitting looking over the city at sunset drinking beers, and lying by the river under the stars having, yes, more beers, it really was a great week.

Along with my cousin being here and the good turn in the weather, it really has perked me up and everyone seems to be in a better place than they where in the cold dark depressing days of winter which thankfully look to be behind us.

I’m being sensible tonight and staying in for the first time in a long time to enjoy a nice relaxing movie night and who would guess, herbal tea, sometime’s it’s good to be good to you’re body huh!

I leave you with this photo of me and my cousin by the river during the week. Until the next time, it’s good-bye from me.

David & I

David & I

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    hey there
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    greez René Haller

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