Double figure weather has graced us here in Switzerland for the past few days, it’s been 16 or so and getting warmer at the weekend too, extremely unusual weather for this time of year i read. It’s not to be long lived, for if my iPhone is to be believed the snow’s making an unwanted appearance early next week.

So, making the most of the good weather as I love to do, i went a nice walk in the forrest during a break from rehearsals.

Across the train tracks there’s a nice big forrest i’ve been meaning to explore for a while but until today haven’t found my way there so it was nice to see something new. It really reminded me of The New Forrest in southern England which my grandparents live right on the edge of and i have enjoyed many a walk and picnic there since being a young child.

Here’s a few snaps i wanted to share with you:

Sunlight Through The Tree's

Sunlight Through The Tree's

Blue Sky

Blue Sky


Tall They Stand

Tall They Stand



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