A Break From The Gloom

After almost three days of doctor-impossed isolation in my bedroom, my legs where just dying to move and get some exercise. I wrapped up warmly and out for a lovely evening stroll i went.

It’s amazing living at home for a few days, to come out and see the good folks of the city of Bern still going about their daily lives, you almost forget in the boring lull of watching tv, reading papers and trying to remember when last you took you’re medication that there’s a whole city out there, around 123,000 people in fact.

There is a definite feel that spring is in the air now, the wind was a bit warmer, snowdrops and other seasonal flowers are making appearances in gardens, the sun appears warmer during the day and the ice and snow is gone from the areas around the city usually covered in winter.

The alps, including the Young Frau – Europe’s tallest peak, and the infamous Eiger with it’s treacherous north face –  still clearly visible in the distance are powdered in snow and every time one ventures into the city and passes the ‘Bahnhoff’, or train station, you can’t escape seeing the crowds of happy people with ski’s and snowboards slung over there backs still making the most of the season and adventuring of into the wilderness that makes this beautiful country so special.

As the sun sets on another day, the thought of the long cold winter finally passing brings pleasures of warmer spring days lingering in my mind, and i look forward to the coming of summer and adventures in pastures fresh and new.

Looking Across A Wintry Switzerland

Looking Across A Wintry Switzerland

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