Take Some Pride

It is only when you live in a country where you think twice about going to the hospital or something as normal as going to the doctors when you’re sick because you have to pay that you truly appreciate the tremendous job the NHS does in Britain.

I’m lucky to have insurance and know how to utilise having a UHIC card that all EU member states give to their citizens, however i can’t help but think what if i didn’t have the money to pay the initial money for prescriptions, medicine and consultations before getting it back through insurance.

I think mainly of America or even if i lived outside the EU but visited and suddenly got sick, what do you do then if you’re in a situation where you can’t afford the health care?

It really makes my stomach recoil when people try and discredit the amazing job our nurses and doctors do, it seems people have no idea how lucky they are for what they have and need an awakening to it.

Lying sick in my bed in Switzerland just now full of strong medicine, i think if i was to be at home in the UK i could have an emergency appointment with my GP in no time, have a consultation and pay nothing for that, get a prescription and go to a pharmacy to pick up medicine free of charge as i’m in full time further education.

This is amazing, and people ought to applaud the job our health service does day in day out, 365 days a year.

I ask you this, the next time you need to go to the doctors, take you’re kid to hospital, visit the dentist or any of the many other services the NHS provide … imagine you where in a country where you had to pay for everything you get and ask yourself would you still be going or trying to fix the problem yourself at home?

I’ve seen many documentaries particularly during my time studying America in Modern Studies at School and I remember only too well the plight of one young man getting turned away from hospital time and time again with a gun shot wound because he had no health insurance. That man died a few hours later from his injuries. And all because no hospital would take him because they would get no money from massive multi-billionaire insurance companies.

This is a sad state of affairs that must never befall the UK.

Private health care helps create jobs and if you’ve got it fine. Personally I’d rather see the money people put into private health care go into a universal healthcare system that has kept Britain going since it’s inception soon after the second world war, The NHS.

Let’s take some pride in the fantastic service they do for each and every citizen of the UK regardless of their financial status, and with all the criticisms and health reforms Cameron and his cabinet are trying to pass let’s hope they get it right and safe guard the future of what is, the most essential public body in the country.

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