Preparations Build Up

With my second Premiere at Bern Ballet one month away now, we have been stepping up rehearsals and preparations in the run up to the big night, the 18th of February, the day before my 21st birthday!

Our director returns from a project in Hong Kong Tomorrow so it will be nice to have her presence back in the studio!

The company have been working on a mens duet from Finnish Choreographer Jyrki Karttunen, a powerful technical and challenging duet that forms part of the triple bill we are presenting. Included in the evening is new creations from Isreali Choreographer Nao Zuk and former company dancer and now freelance choreographer, Erick Guillard whom you may of seen in interview with me.

Today I filmed an interview with Jyrki, watch this space for that video and in the coming weeks I hope to record a interview with Nao ahead of the premiere as well.

I’ve been keeping on top of my fitness game, going out jogging every evening except show nights with one of the boys from the company, always good to have a running partner for those days you’re not feeling too motivated! that six pack is on its way!

Today I’m having a meeting with the head of marketing and communications at the theatre to talk about getting involved more with their technical plans for promoting the program following the next premiere that we are taking on tour, looking forward to hearing more about that!

This weekend we have two more shows in the opera house of A Winternights Dream, and then after that it’s only one more to go and we’re done with it! It’s amazing how fast it’s went, i’ve had a great time performing and I’m looking forward to the challenge of performing in a smaller venue where it’s more close and intimate to the audience.

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