2012 Starts On A High

After the fun and the buzz of Christmas it was a nice slow week with some working and perhaps a tad to much partying the following week out and about on the town with the company! However, you know what they say – tis’ the season to be jolly!

Myself and some of the company have been drafted in to do a very short part dancing in a Opera, Orpheus in the underworld, and we spent a fair amount of time in the theatre rehearsing and getting ready for the premier on the 29th of December. The premiere went well and now the shows run on until march! a long haul ahead ….

Before i knew it, the last day of 2011 was upon me. I had a nice relaxing day, headed into town late afternoon to pick up some champers and snacks for the evening’s party that lay ahead. We had another opera show to dance in, thankfully that only took up one hour of my life and i was straight out of there and on with the festivities! I Headed over to one of the girl’s homes from the company who was hosting a party and joined the rest of the company there for a lovely meal and drinks. Midnight came and we all toasted the new year whilst watching a wonderful firework display from the balcony across the whole city!

Not long had 2012 began and we where off to another party, there was a big event going on in the building where we rehearse and it was full with thousands of revellers out enjoying hogmany! I had a great time with all my friends, bumped into a good few friends outside of the dance world which is always nice, and somehow managed to find my way home at far to late o’clock!

The next day it was an earlyish rise for a train with the boys off to Davos up in the snowy alps, where i am writing from just now.

Stay posted for more pics, videos and blogs about Davos, I have been having the most incredible time and have never seen so much snow in my life!

Until the next time …

Here's To 2012!

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