Romance Isn’t Dead

I heard a lovely story from a friend in Glasgow last night that I had to share with you all.

Just now Glasgow is covered in snow and looking rather Christmassy and wonderful! (There’s also a mad hurricane battering the country but the good people of Scotland have hit back against mother nature calling it Hurricane Bawbag!)

So let me set the scene,

It happened in the centre of Glasgow in George Square, a place you will see pictures of in another of my recent posts (the guide to Scotland), which is in the middle of the christmas build up with all the lights, fare ground rides and games, drinks and of course a good old ice rink.

My story happens on this ice rink.

So everyone on the rink had been told when a Bruno Mars song comes on they all have to leave the ice rink but not told why. One couple where not told this. Or rather one half of a couple …

So on comes the song, its a beautiful romantic evening on the ice, the lights are shining, the christmas tree is standing tall, the nativity scene glowing for all to see, and suddenly the whole ice rink empties except from one man, and one woman.

A spotlight comes on and focuses on the couple, one of whom is now down on bended knee, with a small black box in his hand and a big grin on his face …

No prizes for happening what happened next, she said yes of course!

I just thought it was such a lovely image to have, and thought hey, romance ain’t dead is it! there’s still people out there that have it in them, and long may it continue to be in our lives as cheesy and embarrassing as it can be especially when it’s public!

I’ve heard lots of engagement stories, ranging from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Posh restaurants and even Burger King (wonder how that marriage is going?!), but that has to be the perfect example of how it’s done!

Who ever that guy is, he did well!

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