Premere Night!

It’s Finally here! Today see’s my first professional premiere with Bern Ballet in ‘A Winternight’s Dream’.

I could hardly sleep last night after the general preview which went well, the nerves where already setting in for the big day.

We had a great ballet class with Shona Mirke, a star of Bejart and world renowned ballet teacher, this morning. A few of our director’s friends from England came to watch class which is always nice to have some friendly faces watching. After class followed a short session on notes and corrections from last night’s preview.

I finally got the time to do some more video interviews, today with Cathy Marston, our director and choreographer of the production, and also with Gabriel Prokofiev, the grandson of Sergie Prokofiev and composer of most of the score. His piece, Concerto for Turntables & Orchestra features in the ballet with a specially commisioned new section which is cool.

In the coming days I will get the video’s edited and posted and the conductor and our classical turntablist have also agreed to an interview so look out for that too!

I’m feeling quite good about tonight, prepared, focused and ready for it all. I can’t wait to get on stage, hear the orchestra do their thing and that awesome buzz from the audience.

That really is the best thing about dance, the audience coming in, i get such an adrenaline buzz from it! It’s what makes all those hard days worth it and every show reminds me why i do what i do and how much i really do love it.

Time for me to go throw on a suit for the reception we will have after the show and prepare to head back to the wonderful Opera House!

Until the next time …

Preparing for the show

One thought on “Premere Night!

  1. nicole says:

    wow! this is so exciting! your description of the audience makes me think fondly of “the muppets take manhattan” and the glorious audience who applauded for miss piggy and kermit! i wish you wonderful success at your premiere night! and enjoy the fabulous after party. x

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