No matter how old or young you are, you always ought to celebrate Halloween’!

The idea of communities coming together to celebrate, and just together for a good reason and not mourning/loss etc has to be a good thing!

I always remember the tremendous fun of going into the treasure chest as a kid and digging out the most random odd assorted outfits to go and ‘terrorise’ the locals, more like give them something to have a good laugh at! Everyone was always so happy to see the young people out having a good time and i always came home with bag loads of sweets & even money sometimes, most likely to be spent on more sweets!

The older you get, it seems to get less ‘cool’ to do so, but i say bah humbug, or bah pumpkin to that! I’ll be that enthusiaistic guy taking his kids around the neighbours doors in a rediculous harry potter outfit in years to come!

The apple dunking, making the best pumpkin in the street (let’s be honest, it IS a competition!), those terribly sweet sticky toffee apples, preparing your house for the inevitable surge of the areas young descending on your house, arms and bags wide open, and increasingly with less jokes or song and dances in recent years may i add!

Anyway, my message to you is this year, be that happy person that dresses up with your colleagues, children, friends, partner this weekend and enjoy a happy coming together of people! 🙂


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