The Night Before

Today saw the last afternoon of rehearsals for A Winternight’s Dream in our rehearsal studios, tomorrow we start setting things in the Theatre!

I’m really exited about getting into the theatre, there’s a real buzz about being in a theatre. And it’s so cool walking into the stage door as an ‘artist’.

We have less than three weeks now until the premiere which is on the 3rd of November should any of my readers happen to be in Switzerland at that time. I’m really excited to see the set, get the costumes on, see the lighting, but especially hear the orchestra play! I took a video of the Dj we have, he is a classical turntablist, i’ll put a link up soon once i’ve edited that. It’s a track from Gabriel Prokofiev that he’s mixed up and done some scratching on, pretty cool and modern stuff. We also have a childrens choir coming in to sing and snow coming down, all the christmassy stuff that makes a great christmas ballet, its going to be quite a spectacular production and a good way to bring in christmas.

I’ll try get some videos and photo’s from backstage for your viewing pleasure. Anyway, I am very excited to be in the theatre and will keep you all posted on my goings on!

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