Rehearsals Continue

The weeks are going by and the premiere of ‘A Winternights Dream’ draws closer. November 3rd 2011 see’s my first premier with Bern Ballet and I am extremely excited about it and looking forward to it.

We usually rehearse in ‘Vidmarhallen’, our rehearsal building, also with another theatre for various shows, but yesterday we had a rehearsal in the ‘Stadttheater’ – the city’s main Theatre. It is a beautiful big building, similar to London’s Royal Opera House in many respects.

Walking in the stage door never ceases to excite me & its great going in knowing i’m part of a professional company. I’ve came a long way from my time as a juniour associate at Scottish Ballet and my years of training at the Dance School of Scotland, there is a real sense of achievement and fulfilment to be performing within such a professional capacity surrounded by so many inspiring artists and creative people.

We had a rehearsal in the theatre studio the company uses, and i took the opportunity of being in the theatre to have a look around backstage, pretty impressive!

The show is really coming along now, these past two weeks some of the company have been working with an israeli choreographer, Nao Zuk for a new creation that will premier in February 2012, the rest of us have had various rehearsals for the upcoming christmas show and also learning past rep, ‘Momo’, that we will perform later in the season.

Summer is drawing to a close in Bern and as the weather starts to drop and autumn starts to set in, i look ahead to the long winter months and the fun times ahead performing in the theatre.

This really is an incredible way of life, dancing with such a great company in what is one of the most beautiful city’s I’ve been in in Europe, is extremely satisfying and I am genuinly happy with life here.

I have made a short video trailer of our work in the studio for the upcoming show, hope you enjoy it!

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