Take Pleasure In Your Passion

For me, and indeed for everyone, I believe it is so important to take pleasure in our passions in life.

No matter how small our participation, or level of advancement in that specific ‘pleasure’ may be, true hapiness really does come to your life when you are enjoying what you do, and the things you do outside of your normal day to day life.

A lot of people go through life, living a seemingly happy life in a secure job that pays the bills and supports the family. There is nothing wrong with this and who wouldn’t want that, but i feel that so many people give way to their own ambitions, for loved ones, to please family, or because it is not what they are supposed to do or be.

If you are ever in a position where you feel this pressure, i say follow your heart and do what truly makes you happy. It is so easy in this day and age to give up our own ambitions, or keep them secret because you think it may seem silly, even pointless to others. Don’t be that person, be proud of what you have, what you enjoy, and let happiness come into your life.

I made that decision when i was younger, and i was lucky to of had a supporting family who never held me back from my own dreams. Being a young boy growing up in Glasgow doing ballet is by no means easy, and over the years i’ve had to put up with plenty of crap from small minded fools who can’t see outside their own little world and accept others ways of life. Proving to them that i can make something of myself and rise above their level has always been good fun to me, and as i sit here in the manicured garden of my lovely big swiss home tapping away on my mac book pro, i say thank you to all those idiots from my teenage years/childhood that thought i’d never make anything of myself and i ought to do something ‘proper’.

Without your incredible efforts to stop someone from doing what they love as it doesn’t conform to your ideals, you would not of made me the person i am today. I take great pleasure in what I do on a day to day basis, it truly makes me happy and I feel that i’m giving back and sharing the joy and passion I have for dance when i am on stage.

This is just the start of hopefully a lifelong career in dance, or as closely related a job as possible, taking strength from what i have been through and learnt to get to where i am today gives me confidence and hope that tomorrow and the years to follow will work out.

Everyone has a plan, mine has become clearer.

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