Looking to tomorrow

Tomorrow holds in store a long day. We have ballet at 11 then rehearsals for a Winternights Dream all day long. Tomorrow we are having a open rehearsal from 6-7pm for the general public to come along and see what we are doing and how the rehearsals are going for the new ballet. So looking forward to having a crowd in, it was nice on monday having our ballet friends watching, having a crowd in, some new faces, creates a very different atmosphere to work in, one that i really enjoy.

Following the rehearsal in the evening we are having a wine tasting event in the wine shop, ‘Delinat’, that is right next to our studios! Very ideally situated. And they have a rather good selection of wines and champagnes from around the world amongst other things. So that shall be fun and i’m looking forward to it, all be it a long day!

In the next few days i’ll take a few pictures of our work in the studio, and want to get a few shots of me dancing too, so watch this space! also, work on my latest video production, ‘made in bern’ is about to get underway. It will be a short video made by me, informing the outside world of what we are doing here in bern, what the facilities are like, the great places we get to perform in and a short bit about the beautiful city we are blessed to dance in, Bern.

My director, Cathy Marston, gave me a great book, actually two lately, but the latest one is proving very handy and insightful! It’s from Prohelvetia, the cultural magazine of pro helvita (the swiss arts council), and this particular issue of ‘Passages’ is called ‘Browsing, Bloggin, Tweeting, Tagging’ – cultural journalism in flux.

I had no idea the blog and twitter scene was quite big here in Switzerland, but it seems it is indeed! lots of good articles about exactly what the title alludes to.

The second book is by a english chap living here in bern running a english book shop, he’s called Diccon Bewes and the book I am reading by him is called Swiss Watching. I’ve only read the first chapter so far, somehow technology always takes over my life and making time for reading gets shorter and shorter! but it’s all good so far, the swiss people, and their politics are rather complicated to get ones head around … perhaps by the end of the book i will have a clearer concept of it all.

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