Someday I Will

Someday I will …

  • Find ‘The One’ …. does that exist? or do we only ever find something close to it?
  • Get married in Scotland
  • Have at least three children, my moneys on the first one being a boy.
  • Have a nice house in the scottish highlands or along the west-coast by all those beautiful islands
  • Have dogs to take a walk with my family
  • Win come dine with me, most likely with my famous Lasagne
  • Win the lottery/euromillions … you never know …
  • Have a nice sports car, preferably aston martin …
  • Bungee jump
  • Walk the grand canyon
  • Swim the great barrier reef
  • Walk along the great wall of china
  • Visit times square in new york
  • Dance with Matthew Bourne, Wayne McGregor, Rafael Bonachela and Cederlake ballet
  • Perform at sadlers wells, the royal opera house & the joyce theatre new york.
  • Sydney opera house wouldn’t be to bad to perform in either
  • Be a contemporary dance teacher
  • Be the minister for culture for the uk government
  • Fly in a private jet

We shall see what the future holds, fascinating to think where you will be in 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now. what will you of achieved? what will you be proud of? what will you be ashamed of? what will you be glad you did? what will you wish you had done?


As i look into the future i think back to where i have came from and how much i have achieved already. The image below is one i wanted to share with you. It is Lake Thun, a 30 minute train journey from where i currently live and work. Truly one of the most beautiful, peaceful and tranquil places i have been in recent years where you can really be at one with yourself and the world around you and not have a care for any of the petty stresses of modern life. Until the next time …

Lake Thun by sunset

Lake Thun by Sunset

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