22.15, Joe, Water.

Monday, Monday, Monday. And so another working week has began.

Today has been good, I was rehearsing for the new ballet we are creating, Ein Winternachts Traum, translated from german that reads A Winter-nights Dream. You’re probably thinking, wait a minute, isn’t it A Midsummer Nights Dream? And yes you would be correct, Shakespeare did indeed set his play in Summer, we at Bern, or rather our director, Cathy Marston, have decided to set it in Winter. Partyle because it is winter we are performing it in, also as it’s always good to have a new slant on things and come at it with a fresh new idea/approach.

Class began at 11 today as we where in for a long one. A nice fast paced ballet class later and it was into the first rehearsal. There are several roles I am learning in this ballet, I’m a mechanic, a faerie, and Dimitrius. So always lots of things to take in and i’ve constantly got to have my eyes on what’s going on and take on board changes and corrections that are given.

My time with the company is flowing by, its been over one month now and i’m feeling very settled here in Bern. Everyone in the company is very nice, unique and different, and we do a lot of things together. It’s amazing dancing with the company, the dancer’s come from all over the world, Russia, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, France, Italy … I could go on, i’m sure you get the picture, we are a diverse bunch!

With diversity comes experience and that is in abundance at the company. It really is amazing where people have danced and trained at, at the top levels of dance throughout the world and with such big names, places I aspire to dance at later in my career.

We have people from Juliard, Bejart, Royal Swedish, The Hamburg School, Rambert and many more schools that are held in high regard throughout the dance world. That in itself is quite daunting at first to be dancing with people from such prestigious places, but when you hear where they have all danced, then it goes to a whole different level!

Companies and choreographers the dancers have performed with include, Nederlands Dance Theatre 2, Wayne McGregor, Matthew Bourne, Hofesh Schecter, Mark Bruce, Mats Ek, Oharin Naharin, William Forsythe and Siobhan Davies.

It’s so good to have so many people with such a wealth of experience, there’s so much to take and learn from them and it really is an inspiring atmosphere to work within.

Having a place within a professional company after 13 years of training is really fulfilling for me, everything i’ve been through, had to put up with, give up and loose out on has been worth it to finally get to my dream i’ve had since i was 7 years old.

Back to today, we finished off with a open rehearsal for our ‘Ballet Friends’, a lovely group of proud supporters of our company and keen dance enthusiasts too! They all watched with such smiles on their faces it was lovely.

I couldn’t help but remember when i was younger coming to watch Scottish Ballet rehearse with all the adults and thinking awesome! Here’s something I’d love to do! Back then a young Matthew had no idea what lay ahead of him and it took years to form in my head the concept that I do have something that is unique and more than just that overused word, “potential”.

Anyway, it was nice to have a receptive audience to see our work, and everyone seemed to be in high spirits having people in to see what we have been doing. The rehearsal finished to a appreciative applause from our friends and a short gathering with wine and nice breads, cheese and that sort of thing followed.

So it was a bit later that I arrived home today, minus the painful legs and tired state i’m in, today has been a good day!

That’s all i have to say on today … apart from this post is named the above because, i started it at that time, i was listening to said artist and i was drinking water!

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